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Mary Kate Jordan 

Master Astrologer, and Certified Hypnotist trained in Shamanic Counseling

Welcome to the Jordan Center!¬†Maybe you’re ready to enjoy some time at a spa for your soul (even if it’s just for an hour, even if the session’s on the phone). Or maybe you’re staring into the face of profound change, and hope that, over a period of time, you’ll experience it as transformation. Either way, the tools I use, the experience I’ve acquired and training I’ve had, are at your disposal.

As an astrologer, I translate the symbolic soul-language of your birth chart into English. Once you begin to understand what your chart says, it’s a useful, practical tool for personal growth. Let a reading help you embrace — and enjoy — the “you” you are becoming!

My shamanic counseling training allows me to use drumming, shamanic journeying and similar time-honored catalysts to help you hear the still, small voice within you more clearly. Shamanic counseling is traditionally used for soul retrieval, power retrieval, and it has a broad spectrum of uses in our modern world

As a hypnotist, I use our shared English language in three ways. First, to help you re-envision your past so that it becomes a more firm foundation for your life. Second, to help you to see, and to celebrate, the successes you are already living. Third, to help you to sing a song of deeper peace and greater fulfillment, now and in the future. Doesn’t that sound like a delicious plan?

NGH-logo-298x300I participate in ongoing professional education as a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and I subscribe to the Guild’s Professional Code of Ethics.

I look forward to hearing from you. As I do with all my clients, I will help you open the doors on which the fiercely compassionate Spirit of Joy is knocking. Wherever She is found in our work together, I will honor her.”

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