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I wonder…

  • Would your soul enjoy a rejuvenating session at a day spa– even if its just for an hour? Or even if it’s on the phone?
  • Are you ready to expand your sense of overall well- being?
  • Do you see yourself on the brink of transformation in your personal, or professional, life?
  • Is now the time to more actively embrace graceful empowerment for yourself and those you serve?

If so, my work can help you nurture the success you already experience and support you as you navigate toward deeper joy and even greater fulfillment of your purpose.

MK Kayak Oct 2013 Mary Kate Jordan, Master Astrologer, CH

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Or, if you’re already set to nourish your soul, contact me today to schedule a session.

“As I do with all my clients, I will help you open the doors on which the fiercely compassionate Spirit of Joy is knocking. Wherever She is found in our work together, I will honor her.”           ~Mary Kate Jordan


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