Welcome to The Jordan Center for Creative Insight

“Would your soul enjoy a rejuvenating session at a day spa? That’s how some clients describe a session with me at The Jordan Center. Even if the session’s on the phone.” ~Mary Kate Jordan

  • If you’re ready to expand your sense of inner peace and feel ever-more fabulous in your own skin…
  • If you see yourself on the brink of transformation in your personal, or professional, life…
  • If now is the time to more actively embrace graceful empowerment for yourself and those you serve… then my work can help you nurture the success you already experience and support you as you navigate toward deeper joy and even greater fulfillment of your purpose. As I do with all my clients, I will help you open the doors on which the fiercely compassionate Spirit of Joy is knocking. Wherever She is found in our work together, I will honor her.

MK_150_3-150x150Mary Kate Jordan, Master Astrologer and Certified Hypnotist


Ancient wisdom recognized the constellation Cygnus the Swan as the celestial guide directing souls safely to their right place on the earth plane. The logo I’ve chosen for the Jordan Center sets her at the center of the circle of the astrological zodiac.

NGH-logo-298x300I participate in ongoing professional education as a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and subscribe to the Guild’s Professional Code of Ethics.

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