Alchemy’s the capacity to transmute what is heavy into something uplifting, to shift what is ordinary into something golden. Astro-Alchemy first starts to focus these changes with your astrological birth chart reading.

The elements of astrology and the elements of alchemy are the same: fire, earth, air and water, acting in time and space. They correspond to the activities of the spirit, body, mind and feeling worlds inside you, living right here in the world we share. Inn the Astro-Alchemy process, you then follow up your chart reading with a series of alchemy sessions to deepen your relationship with those elements.

You’ll begin to recognize their dynamics within you. You’ll develop a greater ability to navigate your fire, earth, air and water dynamics with others. You’ll change the way your describe your life experience. Yes, you’ll find it will become easier for you to change your habits and change your life.

The present moment is where all alchemy happens. As we work together, we mindfully explore your past and your future from this most potent place for change. As you examine your past in the present moment with alchemy, you begin to leave behind the need to re-hash old stresses as if they were still going on. As you explore your possible future in the here and now, you’re free to plan and begin to take the steps that are actually available.

As you do so, your horizon widens while your attention becomes more focused. In the paradox of alchemy, you find that what’s been hidden is right here in the middle of the road. If what’s been hidden is a stumbling block, now you can see it. You become free of the need to trip over it. If what’s been hidden is a talent, gift or strength, now you become free to explore and use it.

Astrology describes the dynamics of where you come from and how you got to be you. At the same time, it offers you options for moving from where you are to where you long to be. It’s a profound way of waging inner peace all by itself. Like astrology, Alchemy’s also a profound way of waging inner peace, all on its own. But Astro-Alchemy, the union of these two potent catalysts for change, is the Holy Grail of the services I offer. Astro-Alchemy’s a spiritual catalyst. Access this process and you’re free to discover the sacred in the mundane, the golden moments in ordinary time.

If you’re ready, set the process in motion for your first Astro-Alchemy appointment with one simple click.