Who Can Benefit from Astro Alchemy?

If you’d like to let go of the burdens of your past …if you’d like to move away from habits that once helped you carry those burdens …if you’re willing to learn that your ego has a positive, life-affirming purpose in your life, you can benefit from Astro Alchemy.          

DSCN8110…If you’re willing to discover that you’re more whole than you once thought  …if you’re willing to find that you’re more than the roles that you were taught to call “you,” … if you want both you and others to be glad you were born, you can benefit from Astro Alchemy.           Hypnosis.                                                                                                                                              …If your life in the world feels at odds with your inner values …if you feel like you’ve lost your anchor …if your old identity has shifted and the new one’s not in place yet, you can benefit from Astro Alchemy.          

DSCN8179…If you’re uncomfortable with the balance of power in your current situation …if your inner sense of creative well-being could use a boost …if your creative output just got up and went, you can benefit from Astro Alchemy.          

…If you’d like to discover how to identify the still, quiet voice of truth within you …if you’d like to learn appropriate ways to respond to that call …if you’d like to develop a vital relationship with the experience of peace, you can benefit from Astro Alchemy.

DSCN2476Are you ready for the benefits of Astro Alchemy? lfinalogo_image75

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