Your Astro Alchemy Package

Your initial Astro-Alchemy Package includes your choice of a 60- or 90-minute Dynamic Birth Chart and Transit reading for the first session, followed by an additional three, four or five 60-minute Alchemy sessions.  Your sessions may include shamanic techniques of soul retrieval or power retrieval; energy work; dream work; past life awareness; Tarot reading. Additional aspects from your birth chart and transits are also used as reference points, as needed. These first three sessions should be scheduled fairly close together, soon after your reading.

Like many of my Astro-Alchemy clients, you may then choose to continue working with me this way. Sometimes clients feel they’ve had great release but need more work around a particular dynamic. Others enjoy deepening their experience of one or more of these Alchemy techniques. Either way, you, too, can use the work as a catalyst for more transformation, or to anchor newly-emerging positive experiences. If you’re ready to explore the benefits of Astro Alchemy sessions, contact me today and we’ll get started!


“We all wear masks made of stardust, and the living light within us is still speaking.” – Mary Kate Jordan