Hypnosis? You’re surrounded by it. We all are, all the time. And some of it — let’s take advertising, for example — is an attempt to focus your choices so they line up with an outcome desired by someone outside yourself. In the office of a trained, ethical practitioner, though, the client’s needs always come first.

That’s what you’ll encounter in every hypnosis session at the Jordan Center. My goal is to be of service in your quest to build a better life. I’m here to help you clarify your goals and achieve your best outcomes and lasso the results that, right now, you can almost, but not quite, pull out of the ethers.

I want to help you live by what rings most true to you. You”ll stay in charge while I provide options for re-framing the thought patterns that have had you stuck. In this way, hypnosis assists you to grow into greater alignment with the goals that fulfill you. In a hypnosis session at the Jordan Center, your intention to grow toward your highest good is the driving force.

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