My Alchemy Background and Training

IMG_4100Alchemy has its roots in the image of the phoenix, the mythological bird transformed, reborn, through fire. Aspects of my alchemy training have deep roots in trainings I received in creative visualization, energy work, and NLP in the 1970s through ’90s in New York, Connecticut, California and Massachusetts. In 2003 I began further education in various aspects of energy work, applied shamanic practices, Huna, hypnosis, dream work, Buddhist Psychology studies, and more, in Massachusetts, California, Rhode Island, Hawaii,  Colorado and the British Isles through the Foundation of the Sacred Stream, and explored dream work with Robert Moss. I’ve explored more Buddhist thought and practice as a student of  Thich Nhat Hanh, Tempa Dukte Lama, Robert Thurman, and Tenzin Wangal Rimpoche. I’ve become deeply immersed in my Scots-Irish heritage, and ancient Celtic approaches to alchemy, and so have also taken classes in ancestral healing with Daniel Foor.

I’m also a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Of course, as a reputable member of my profession, I pledge confidentiality.

I practice the complementary modalities I offer according to these teachers’, and the above organizations’, high Codes of Ethics and Standards.

I do not do medical, or any other kind of, diagnosis; nor am I a licensed physician or medical practitioner. I provide services which offer high-quality traditional, though not entirely mainstream, alternative methods for people seeking to navigate many of the challenges of life.