My Astrology Background

I began to formally study astrology in the late 1970s in Manhattan. By that time I’d already accumulated quite a library of astrology books, but it was in contact with my first teacher, Neil Weiss, and with his other students, that astrology first began to live for me as “the art and science of compassion.” In 1979 I moved to the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, where I anchored my work and my life, and where I met Jungian astrologer Alice O. Howell, the mentor with whom I studied in the 1990s.


The astrological elements fire, earth, air, water and space live in my heart and mind as teachers, guides and companions. As the constant threads in my astrological life, I continue to develop my craft, read for my clients and teach. I currently have a number of astrology games and other teaching tools in development which will premiere at Fireseed, Center for Transformation in Providence, Rhode Island, this fall.