You Want to Study Astrology?

Want to have fun learning and to bring that attitude to your chart interpretations? After all, this work is too serious and awe-some to take on with just a knitted brow. Astrology engages deeply with your heart and both sides of your brain. Imagine how good it feels to have head and heart working together in such a focused way!.

Fundamentals of Astrology ​These classes focus on astrological language and dynamics, in lecture format, Q&A sessions, and through games I’ve created specifically for my students. We’ll also explore ​the rights, ethics and responsibilities of anyone who speaks this language and reads an astrology chart. Why? As someone who attempts to interpret a chart , you’re someone whose expectations, words and attitudes can have a great impact on the intimate workings of another human being — as well as yourself. Fundamentals of Astrology is available for individuals or small groups in teleconference format, at The Jordan Center, and several times a year at Fireseed: Center for Transformation in Providence, Rhode Island. Contact me to find out out more.

Beyond Basics: Astrology Apprenticeships

I o​ffer advanced apprenticeships in three areas. All programs are individually crafted for either one-on-one, or small group study. Training can take place at the Jordan Center in western Massachusetts or in distance learning teleconference format.

The Birth Chart: Map for the Hero’s Journey

This is astrology for both the poet and the pioneer. No matter which of these archetypes appeals to you more, the myths and archetypes associated with the zodiac provide twelve doorways into a greater understanding of the lights, planets and houses of the chart. Which, of course, provides expanded potential for self-awareness, both in the chart-reader and in the one whose chart is being read.

Western Astrology and the Noble Eightfold Path

The Buddha tells us that attachment to life’s experience is suffering, and that there is a way out of suffering. He calls this way The Noble Eightfold Path. The union of even this basic Buddhist understanding with the language of astrology provides deep questions to ask of the chart. This, in turn, offers opportunities for both deep linear, and deep intuitive, insight. Structure of this program depends on whether the strengths you bring as a student are primarily in the astrological, or the Buddhist, area of thought.

Roses Blooming in Winter:​ Stars for Wise Elders

This program focuses on interpreting the astrology charts of those who are in, or have completed, their second Saturn return. Life at this age — past 60 — requires a shift in relationship with each of the chart’s houses, as well as re-interpretation of the dynamics among the lights and planetary bodies within those house locations. Roses Blooming in Winter is astrology for all who are striving to become wise old women and wise old men. And it’s for professional astrologers who want to cultivate this powerful branch of the human family tree within their clientele.

Contact me to find out more about any of these programs.