What Kind of Astrology Reading?

I use European and North American astrology systems and currently offer you a choice of five opportunities for astrological insight:

Your Dynamic Birth Chart and Transit Reading:  The many circumstances that bring you to the office, in person or by phone, are our doorway into your astrology chart. The dynamics between your birth chart and the currently important transits are the catalyst for what follows in this transformative, in-depth reading. Session includes mp3 audio for you to download. Both 60-minute and 90 minute readings available. Questions? Ready to set up your appointment? Contact me here.

Your Focused Birth Chart and Transit Reading: You choose one topic, one issue, or one area of your life as the catalyst for this 30-minute laser-sharp reading. Session includes mp3 audio for you to download. Click here!

Comparison Charts Reading for the Two of You:  Build your relationship on a strong foundation of mutual understanding.  Explore what this relationship draws forth from — and offers to — each of you as you discover ways to live into the best of the life you share. Astrological overview and insights, 90 minutes total or both of you and current relationship dynamics. Or, if you prefer, 60 minutes for each of you plus 60 minutes for the relationship. Session includes mp3 audio for you to download. To get started, use this link.

Welcome to the World!  Give your child, your family and yourself the gift of  a bird’s eye view of your newborn, or newly-adopteed, family member. Session includes mp3 audio for you to download. Contact me here.

Your Family Systems Reading. If you’ve ever wished your kids came with instruction manuals, or if your teens have ever told you you’re impossible to understand, this is the reading for you. You just want a navigation guide, right? Session includes mp3 audio for you to download. Start our conversation about your Family Systems Reading. Click here!

To read your chart,  I’ll need your birth date, place (city, state, and the country if not the US) and, where possible, your birth time. If you have all that ready when we set up your appointment, I can get started preparing the charts right away. Otherwise I’ll get started as soon as I have the information.

If you’re asking for a reading for someone other than yourself who is not your minor dependent child, I’ll need to know you have his or her permission to interpret his or her chart. And if you’re younger than 18, I’ll need the written permission of your parent or legal guardian.