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Summer, 2018 
NEW! invisible roots

a mindful weekend with a deep Celtic heart… August 10-12, Spirit Fire Retreat Center

Mainstream logic says the world we share is simply physical. The spirituality of the ancient Celts (Irish, Scots, French, and others) says that places, events, groups of people, other species, and we, ourselves, all have invisible roots.

Most of these unseen connections nourish us, like the feelings we have when we remember being loved, or remember to love, or find ourselves in a beautiful place in nature. Other invisible roots draw energy from us, even when they seem, on the surface, to be “a good thing”. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference.

On this retreat weekend, we’ll gather at Spirit Fire to renew our spirits, explore invisible roots, and revitalize our souls. We’ll slow down and settle into our connections with Mother Gaia and with our own inner landscapes. 

Expect sacred ceremony, shamanic journeying, heartfelt questions, deep listening, soul-retrieval, companionship, and creative play. Tim VanEgmond, the musician I’d hoped for, has signed on, too. We’ll immerse ourselves in mindfulness, and in what the ancient Irish traditions call The Great Song of Life.

Aren’t you longing to sing along?

I’ve set up the fee structure in a way that’s common in Buddhist practice, called ‘dana’. The word means generosity, so I’ve done what feels generous and right to me. I’m charging each participant $300, which will cover my costs at Spirit Fire. I’ll also have a basket available on the weekend for dana that any participant wants to offer to me over and above room and board. In other words, I invite you to give according to your means, and according to what you feel you receive from the weekend.

To receive your registration form by return email, just click here to contact me, or give me a call if you have any questions, 413-822-7681.


NEW! Astrology Distance-Learning Conferences

Cygnus and FriendsMyths & Folklore of  the Summer Constellations & the Zodiac Belt

August 21: Stories of the Summer Constellations, and

August 28: Tales from the Zodiac Belt

Two Tuesday evenings: 7:30 – 8:45 PM Eastern time

It’s easy to forget that astrology’s “signs of the zodiac” are actually constellations in our shared night sky. When we forget, though, we create a short-circuit in understanding of our own place in the cosmos. Connection with some of the other constellations we can see now above the equator helps put them, and us, in context. We’ll expand our understanding of those archetypes, ourselves, each other, and even our place in history. Happily, these evenings are also a potent anchor for a deeper understanding of astrology.

We’ll meet in a ZOOM conference, so you’ll have your choice of  connection: online video, or only-audio by phone. Bring your curiousity … and a notebook or journal, if you’re so inclined. Conference connection information available after registration.

Conference Fee: $30 for both, $20 for one.

To register, contact me here


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