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September, 2018

NEW! Astrology Distance-Learning Conferences

Cygnus and FriendsMyths & Folklore of the Clear Night Sky

First of the series:  Monday, September 17: Tales of the Zodiac Belt, part 1

7:30 – 8:30 PM Eastern time

It’s easy to forget that astrology’s “signs of the zodiac” are actually constellations in our shared night sky. When we forget, though, we create a short-circuit in understanding of our own place in the cosmos.

Connection with the zodiac, and some of the other constellations, helps put them, and us, in context. We’ll expand our understanding of these archetypes, ourselves, each other, and even our place in history. Happily, these evenings are also a potent anchor for a deeper understanding of astrology.

We’ll meet in a ZOOM conference, so you’ll have your choice of  connection: online video, or only-audio by phone. Bring your curiousity … and a notebook or journal, if you’re so inclined. Conference connection information available after registration.

Conference Fee: $15.

To register, contact me here


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