I’ve used the Tarot for more than 35 years and I’m awed at the way they fit seamlessly into my Astro-Alchemy, astrology and hypnosis practice. Sure, the deck has a checkered history. You may have heard about, or even experienced, the cards in the hands of an unethical or manipulative reader. If so, the fault’s not with the Tarot. It’s with the intention of the person misusing them.

How do I use them? The deck is rich with powerful images, so a single Tarot card, or a spread of cards, acts as a visual anchor my clients can relate to emotionally and recall easily as a picture to represent positive change. They can also assist as my clients to reframe their ideas about the past, provide fuel for visualizing future circumstances and, most importantly, anchor change in the present moment. By themselves, they’re just 78 images printed on 78 pieces of cardboard. Their energy is neutral, neither good nor bad.

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