Clients Say

My session with you today was a running-down-the-street-yelling-yahoo! experience! – CK, Providence, RI

“Good things are worth waiting for, and that includes an appointment with you!” – LB, from Long Island

“Tears came to my eyes today when I listened again to the audio file of our session. our reading of my chart is so uncannily on track!  On the one hand it seemed eerie, but on the other hand I wondered why on earth I would be surprised.  It was immensely uplifting, encouraging, and healing.  You are so right about Aquarians having difficulty with with self-compassion!  I get very impatient at myself.  It was such a relief to hear that I just need to stop trying so hard and trust in the process. You have a wonderful gift! Thank you for sharing it!”          – JL, from Cedar Mountain North Carolina                                                 

“Mary Kate, when I talk with you, I feel taller!” – DK, from Anchorage, Alaska     

“Your ability to always ask the exact question that zeros in on my biggest challenge helps me gain a clarity that would take me so much more time to come to on my own.  You are a gift in my life…thank you!  – LS, from Pittsfield MA

“Astrology sessions with Mary Kate have become an important aspect of my life.  I have a deeper understanding of myself and my place in the world.  The work with her has helped put my life in perspective and I am able to meet challenges with greater ease.” – KR, from Bristol, RI

“My son and daughter-in-law were having trouble picking between 2 pre-schools for my granddaughter. After listing to Mary Kate’s reading for my granddaughter for 2014, the decision became very clear to them about which school was better for her.” – JW, from Hartford CT

“One will go to a doctor once a year to get a physical checkup. Mary Kate, you are important for my twice-a-year energy checkup. Your impact on me has always been to make the low times more tolerable and empower the high times to be so much higher. ” – BV, from Melbourne, Australia

“Mary Kate is so very skillful and artistic in weaving tenderness and astuteness into her astrology/counseling work.” – GH, from Seattle WA    

Readers Comment on my book, The Bridge Called Grief:

“This book is so helpful, it’s like a friend. It is a place to go to feel understood. And it’s where the odd, uncomfortable sensations and thoughts around loss have a place to be that’s neither right or wrong, but just a place to be with what it is that expresses as my deep sorrow. Thank you Mary Kate.” – DB , from Katonah NY

“Mary Kate accompanies the reader gently and with immense compassion on the journey of grief. She knows the grief bridge-walk  is an inescapable human experience.  How generous of her to offer solace and attention as we travel the path of grief and healing. I’ve read and shared her wonderful book many times.” – DP, from Corea, Maine