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Books and CDs:

The Bridge Called Grief

DSCN1649Mary Kate Jordan’s book-length photo essay for those suffering loss has its own website. Click on the title above.


 I Keep Coming Out

Bonsai Cox, a lesbian born in the 1940s, is no longer boxed in by the cultural closet, and also not boxed in by counter-culture politics. She’s simply who she is, a woman who hopes for happiness for herself and for all beings, and who wishes you the freedom to live the same hope. Her brief but poignant memoir of the path through which she claimed her identity and began to live her truth is an inspiration for all. To buy your copy of I Keep Coming Out through The Jordan Center, click on the title above.


The Dance of Sound and Spirit ~ the potent shamanic drumming CD by Katharine Rossi and Paul DeSigna. Contact Katharine here.

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Additional Resources for Study and Counseling:

Fireseed: Center for Transformation

Located at 194 Waterman Street in Providence, Rhode Island, Fireseed is your premier urban shamanic counseling center in southern New England. Founder and director Katharine Rossi‘s professional background includes certifications in both Depth Hypnosis and in Shamanic Counseling from the Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Berkeley CA, as well as on-site training at various locations in the United States and in one of the most ancient outposts of consciousness in the British Isles.

Plum Village

Plum Village, Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hahn’s primary community, is located in France, but from this site you can connect with sanghas and teachings reflecting his perceptions of Buddhism worldwide.