Inner Peace Makes Demands

Inner peace makes demands. She shakes the landscape in which you anchor your heart and plant your feet. She requires that you loosen the confines of your habitual mental skin.

cropped-DSCN4682.jpgAs a tiny child, I knew peace well. I even remember the moment we parted company. Sometimes I used to hope she’d just trip back into my life sometime all by herself. Other times I worked  hard at building a relationship with her all by yourself, then pretending I didn’t really want her anyway.

She re-appeared in my adult life suddenly, in the depths of a stony, dark, decades-long night. She insisted then that I acknowledge one thing before we got back together: peace and I have a living relationship with each other. Have always had one, even when I swore otherwise. In that moment I realized I wanted to be her beloved friend.

A healthy friendship with peace requires repeated journeys to that landscape of possibility I call my soul. At times that’s primarily an active process. I knock the kinks out of my spiritual and creative flow at the gym, or let the knots dissolve while I’m on a walk. Other times it’s mostly about being receptive. I meditate. I pray. When I engage in the work I call Alchemy or Astro-Alchemy — as client or practitioner — it’s a keen balance of both.

I still chase peace away now and again. I can wrap myself in the armor of my habits and slam the door. When I return to myself and look for her again, though, she always welcomes me home. Together we dance, cry, laugh and sing me back into the radiant, colorful here and now. I’m grateful for her demanding friendship. Every day.