Tend to the Shepherd and Tend to the Flock

November, 2015: we’re most of the way through Sheep Year on the Asian calendar. In this last quarter, energies start to shift toward the new year (February 8). In these three remaining months, we have a final opportunity to make our mark on this year and to reap any benefits this year has left with us. With that in mind, I’m offering us a few questions.

What changes have I experienced this year in the structure of my usual flock: my family, friends, business associates, social and interest groups? Is the flock intact, or larger, or smaller, than it was at the start of the year? Have I left the old flock myself? If so, is my new flock feeding my sense of purpose and self-worth? Am I feeding theirs?

How have I experienced myself as a shepherd this year? Where have I taken leadership roles? Where have I been following others, or another? Are these dynamics both useful and healthy for all concerned? How happy am I with this?

We won’t be seeing Sheep Year again until 2027.  In the next few months, there’s still time to make an appropriate change or two, or to begin to come to greater peace with what couldn’t be controlled. Let’s just let ourselves honor the passing energetic year year by being as present as possible. That’s the best way to tend both to ourselves as shepherds and to all other beings, the flock we share.