Therapeutic Hypnosis as Alchemy

Alchemy’s an antique word for transformation so deep it’s actually transmutation, a change  of ordinary source material into something else. Think caterpillars into butterflies. Stage hypnosis is transformation as magic and entertainment. The alchemy I do in my office, the therapeutic use of hypnosis and training in self-hypnosis, has a whole different purpose. Instead of, ‘zap! now you’re different!’ — like stage hypnosis — it supports my client’s urge to make something heavy into something beautiful from the inside out.

Therapeutic hypnosis combines my client’s story with a new use of language to help him hear his self-talk, help her see her true path, help you live your life in a new way. In the beginning, risking that change might be possible can be enough. If you’re intrigued,  try this bit of inner alchemy. No matter what goes on —  for as long as you want to give it a go — repeat these words: I can hardly wait to see what good comes out of this!

That will make it easier to see whatever hidden gifts might rise to the surface. It’s even OK to say it with your teeth clenched. But no fair using it to walk into traffic to see if it keeps the cars away. It won’t; it’s not magic. It’s not an excuse to ignore a reasonable sense of danger or to avoid using your common sense. It’s a hypnosis technique called reframing. That means treating your situation like an old photo you’re cutting to fit into a new frame so it looks better on the wall. As if you’re saying, I want to focus more on the flowers, so maybe it’ll be OK to see less of the vase.

If you want to. give it a try. Shift your perspective just a little for the better. I can hardly wait to see what good comes out of it.