Your Ancestral Patterns Astrology Options

 DSCN2476Astrology readings are like rainbows. You know what they are and what you think you expect, but their natural beauty is always a surprise.  

I specialize in Ancestral Patterns Astrology, This process includes a pre-reading conversation about the role your Radiant Ancestors play in the process of healing painful patterns that have become part of your lineage inheritance. We’ll talk about how they can support you as you more fully embrace the patterns of strength and talent that you’ve also inherited. Then we get on to the astrology part of our time together: I translate into English the specific patterns in your chart that your soul agreed to at the time of your birth. Together we explore what this all means to you in the here and now. After all, this is where you live your life, so we explore current and near-future transits to your chart as well.

You might also add an item from this list below to your Ancestral Patterns reading as a secondary theme.

Body Image



Your Love Life

Marriage & Partnership


Elder Parent Care

Navigating Grief and Loss

You have a question or two? Or you’re ready to book your reading? Give me a call at 413-822-7681.  We’ll chat, I’ll answer your questions about your chosen themes; what kinds of insight your reading offers to you, and my fees. For your convenience, have the date, place and, if you know it, your time of birth – with AM or PM – available when you call. We’ll find out together what parts of this work are right for you at this time.

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“Mary Kate is very skillful and artistic in weaving tenderness and astuteness into her astrology and counseling work.” ~G.H., Seattle, WA