2018 retreat: Invisible Roots: Soul Empowerment

Events, circumstances, people: we’re all made up of far more than meets the eye. We all have invisible roots. And when what’s actually going on doesn’t mesh with what appears to be going on, the spirit fatigue can be exhausting. When we don’t address that fatigue, stress starts to accumulate, and our souls start to clamor for attention we’re often “too busy” to give. So how about slowing down long enough to give yourself the gift of a weekend spa for your soul?

In Celtic spirituality, as in many other traditions, the Earth is acknowledged as our sacred mother. The life, love, and light she makes available to us as the natural world is so powerful, some people call it their cathedral. We’ll nestle into the beautiful grounds of Spirit Fire retreat center in Leyden, MA, for the weekend of August 10-12. It’s a perfect place to refresh, renew, and revitalize our spirits. We’ll breathe a little deeper as we settle into our connections with Mother Gaia, with our own inner landscapes, and with the legacy of integrity that leads to a joyful life of fierce compassion.

Expect sacred ceremony, shamanic journeying; heartfelt questions, mindful listening. companionship, creative play, music with Tim VanEgmond, and, weather permitting, songs around the campfire under the stars on Saturday evening. This weekend has invisible roots in Buddhist and Christian thought, and in what the ancient Irish called The Great Song of Life.

Aren’t you longing to sing along?

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