Who Should Come to this Retreat?

That’s me in the middle. I’ll be there, and, yes, I’ve been carrying patterns inherited from these two ancestors — and others — in my lineage lines.

Who else should come to this retreat?
Maybe you…

  • if you’re interested in the fact that patterns from your ancestors’ lives continue to intersect with your own;
  • if you want to release the patterns which have been limiting;
  • if you hope to embody the best your lineage has to offer to our world through you;
  • if you want to live more fully in the present moment;
  • if you enjoy metaphor, symbolism, and the earthy wisdom of Mother Nature;
  • if you resonate with sacred music and folk music;
  • if you look forward to a weekend in a beautiful rural setting with someone else cooking your glorious vegetarian meals.

Yes? Then this retreat, Present Moment, Ancestral Roots, is for you. For information and the weekend schedule, click here.