Grandma Blue Swan


Cygnus the Swan sails through stars of my logo, at the center of the circle of the astrological zodiac. You’ll also find the constellation sailing through the stars of the Milky Way over Earth’s Northern Hemisphere. I first met Cygnus in the clear night sky over the Orkney Islands north of mainland Scotland, and welcome her back as she rises high overhead in the night sky over my home in New England every summer.

 She’s the radiant ancestor of the stork, the bird my Mom once told me brought the babies, and of Mother Goose, who taught me and other little ones our cultural wisdom in rhyme and story when we were still very small. Traditional wisdom still recognizes her as a celestial guide whose job is to direct a soul’s journey to earth.

She continues to make her mark on me. Now she’s prompted me to introduce her to my world, and maybe yours, as Grandma Blue Swan, Speaker for the Star People.

As one who loves the (capital T) Truth and metaphor of myth, folklore, and astrology, I can promise an exciting, expansive and enriching time ahead. We’ll start the adventure with Story Time with Grandma Blue Swan, an evening conference call on Monday, February 11, at 7:30 PM Eastern time. Call 413-822-7681 to register.

And, that’s Grandma Blue Swan, not the honorific Grandmother. I’m a mainstream-American Irish-English Elder and Cygnus is an archetype. Neither of us has any intention of parading as a member of a traditional tribal community.