Sacred HEARTH School

Traditionally, the hearth was a living presence and the heart of a home: the fireplace floor where a crackling wood fire provided heat for cooking and warmth for the house. More than that, the hearth was a central fire where people came to warm themselves, and each other, with deep, generous and supportive social interactions. My purpose for Sacred Hearth School is to help us restore this sense of the sacred in ourselves, in our homes and in our everyday lives.

Now that the central fire in a first-world home is most often a fossil-fuel furnace or electrical baseboard heat; now that food is heated in, or on, a closed metal box, unless it arrives at the front door in a keep-it-warm delivery bag, we need to re-invest in the sacred act of consciously building and maintaining our hearth fires. And we can do it together, whether we’re baking bread in a wood cookstove or eating take-out after overtime at work.

Sacred Hearth School, available in distance learning format September, 2019. Click here to be among the first to know more as more specifics become public!