Sacred HEARTH School

detail, work in progress: "The Shaman Sings of Snow"

Once upon a time, the hearth — the fireplace floor, the fire within, and the area in front of it —  provided heat for cooking and warmth for the house. It was the central fire where people could warm themselves, and each other with deep, generous hospitality. It was also a door that opened the folks who gathered around it to inner mysteries.

During the last several years, Sacred Hearth School has helped some of us here in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts and eastern New York state with renew this earthy sense of sacred welcome to ourselves and others in our everyday lives. We’ve experimented with hospitality’s historic ways and mythic means, including sacred story, the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path, visualization and inner-world journeys. We’ve explored and expanded our own passions for the gifts of this sacred hospitality and supported each other as we embrace the power in a fragmented world. It’s been a delicious, radical journey of reconciliation, and we’ve had fun, too.

 Now we’ve transitioned to virtual connection on zoom. We’ll gather, as always, to explore the sacred reality hidden under the appearance of the world we share.

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