Sacred HEARTH School

Once upon a time, the hearth was the living heart of a home.

Once upon a time, the hearth — the fireplace floor and the area in front of it — was where crackling flames provided heat for cooking and warmth for the house. It was also the central fire where people could warm themselves, and each other with deep, generous hospitality. 

Now Sacred Hearth School provides us the means and opportunity to renew this earthy sense of sacred welcome to ourselves and in our everyday lives. We’ll experiment with hospitality’s historic ways and mythic means, including sacred story, the five astrological elements of creation, visualization and inner-world journeys. We’ll use these to expand the current range of possibility in our lives and support each other as we embrace the sacred art of hospitality in a fragmented world. It’s going to be a delicious, radical journey of reconciliation, and we’ll have fun, too.

Starting on Monday September 9, 7-9 PM Eastern time, via Zoom conference, we’ll unite that ancient wisdom with the gifts of technology to gather in the first of four interactive, real-time ZOOM conferences. Then we’ll meet three more times in our premier cycle: October 7, November 4 and December 2. September’s focus is I Welcome Myself Home; in October, I Welcome You.  November will invite us to I Welcome Them and we’ll close this first series on December 2 with Every Feast of Light is Welcome Here. 

Aren’t you ready to bring the generosity of the hearth — and of your soul — back into your world?

As a charter member of Sacred Hearth School, September is yours for only $25, if you’re not sure yet you want the whole cycle. Or choose all 4 months for $100.                         (Swan Circle and Circle the Sun members: $22.50/$90).

Click here to register!

Registration closes on September 4, so you’ll have plenty of time to review the materials I’ll email to you before the conference.

Circle round the virtual hearth fire at Sacred Hearth School! photo by Tim Van Egmond.