The Logo

My logo unites the mythic, cosmic, shamanic and astrological aspects of my work with an unusual take on an every-day image: a bird in flight. That’s exactly the shift in awareness and the union my work itself promotes.

I invite you to work with me as my client. I invite you to use the spiritual perspectives we come to together as a safe place for waging inner peace. I invite you to  put down deeper roots in your spiritual landscape, no matter your spiritual persuasion. As we explore the places where my interpretations of astrology and astro-alchemy intersect productively with your life, your experiences of the world we share can begin to flower.

Cygnus the Swan: The constellation Cygnus has been honored for thousands of years as the constellation most connected with assisting souls as we move into this world at birth, and as we move away from this reality at death. Our culture retains tiny fragments of this mythic lore: winged guardian angels; Valkiries the children’s poems called Mother Goose Tales. For clients at The Jordan Center for Creative Insight, the pieces of this cosmic puzzle fall into their rightful places.

A field of stars: If you live in an area where the night sky is masked by light pollution, do your soul a favor. Take a vacation to somewhere that’s actually dark at night. Stay there long enough– one night? ten? — to stand under a clear night sky, and do just that. Stand there looking up. The stars will speak for themselves. That’s something they’ve done for the human family since we first raised our gaze up high enough to notice them.

The circle of the zodiac: The circle of the zodiac is the group of constellations which, seen from here on earth, circle our planet like a belt around Gaia’s waist. These are the constellations used in the circular language written on your astrology chart.

 A bird in flight: If pigeons count, and they do, birds are commonplace, even in cities. And birds migrate twice a year across climate zones. Their interior rhythms are in harmony with the seasonal rhythms of the earth. Awareness of their cycles, and the annual cycle of Cygnus, can ignite greater harmony with the rhythms of the earth in you, too.

The colors: Blues and white, on a yellow ground.  I find this union of fifth and third chakra colors an ideal expression of the union of personal will with the creative flow of the Cosmos.

The designer: Philip Courier.