Client Options

 DSCN2476Creative breakthroughs are like rainbows. You know what they look like, but their beauty is always a surprise.  Here at The Jordan Center,  your astrology readings are always crafted to address your concerns and celebrations. Your options include:

Birth Chart with Transits: Clarity About What’s Up

Ancestral Patterns in the Birth Chart

Ancestral Patterns for Adoptees

Body Image

Career Connections

Grief and Loss

Love Life

Marriage and Partnership


Gift certificates also available.

Interested in a series of breakthrough sessions, ask about Astro-Alchemy, a marriage of insights from your birth chart with professional hypnosis skills (the use of language to support you as you align more closely with your greatest good), and shamanic counseling tools for soul- and power-retrieval.

Ready to step across that threshold you’ve been longing to cross? Let’s chat. Call me: 413-822-7681. I’ll need to know your birth date, place and time (AM or PM).


“Mary Kate is very skillful and artistic in weaving tenderness and astuteness into her astrology and counseling work.” ~G.H., Seattle, WA