What to Expect in an Astrology Reading with Me

Translating the language of astrology into useful English is an important part of my job. If I’m saying something in “astro-speak” and you don’t understand, flag me down. I’ll clarify.

If I’m interpreting something in a way you don’t agree with, tell me. I read the chart, the map of the territory, and I’m a wonderful professional guide. But you’re the one living your life. Pay attention to what I say only as it resonates with your inner truth signals.

I encourage dialogue in every birth chart reading. Ask questions. You might be surprised at what you hear, or startled at how familiar it feels. You might experience tears of laughter, tears of release, or no tears at all. Every reading is unique.

Each one of my clients is unique, too. If you’d like to become one of them, give me a call at 413-822-7681, or just click here