The Bridge Called Grief

Grief and loss chill the landscape. Sometimes it’s winter in your inner world, or in the world of someone you love, no matter what season it is in the everyday world we share. When the inner weather feels like this,  sometimes a special book and time to nestle down with it can help.

Some readers have told me they read The Bridge Called Grief  – straight through, over and over. Others open a page at random, maybe meditate on that paired photo, or maybe read a few pages. Either way,  spending time with this book is like seeing the stars peek through while you’re navigating a strange land you didn’t want to enter. If you, or someone you know, is walking this way now, my book-length photo essay stands as a comforting reminder that, while everyone crosses this bridge alone, the landscape of grief is also a shared human experience.

One reader reports, “This book is a kind of guide for people like me on our own journeys through difficult territory. The author must have walked this way herself. ”  She’s right. I know the territory, so let The Bridge Callled Grief become one of your most reliable guides.

To order a signed copy,  call me at 413-822-7681.

Copies are $10, plus $4.00 s&h. (State sales tax adds $.63 to addresses in Massachusetts.) Payment arrangements and other details arranged when we speak. We usually ship within 36 hours, but occasionally that’s not possible. So please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.