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CHIRON: The Wounded Healer in Your Birth Chart

CHIRON: The Wounded Healer in Your Birth Chart Chiron is the astrological teacher who helps you claim and use strengths you may not realize are already yours. As the Wounded Healer in your birth chart, this asteroid challenges your expectations and supports your growth toward greater well-being. Get to to know Chiron as a mythic figure from ancient Greece, and as a part of your own astrological psyche. Imagine the possibilities! WEDNESDAY AUGUST 11 at 5:30 pm Eastern time, on zoom. $20, check or PayPal. To register, click here to email me with your name and phone number or call me directly at 413-822-7681. We’ll chat, arrange for payment, and if I don’t already have your birth information [date, time (AM or PM) and place], you can give that to me then, too. If your heart says says yes but the date doesn’t work for you, sign up anyway and let me know. You’ll receive the visuals and recording to review at your own pace.