Calendar, through April 27, 2021

GOLDILOCKS ASTROLOGY (aka, WHO’S LIVING IN THIS HOUSE?) The Lights and Planets in Signs & Houses WEDNESDAYS, 5:30 – 6:30 pm Eastern time, on zoom, starting APRIL 14 .

Understanding what the Sun, Moon and planets symbolize and what their placements mean is a powerful springboard for understanding ourselves and others. Mars, for example, is most at home in Aries or Scorpio, or in either the first, or eighth house, of a birth chart. That’s the theory, but that’s not where Mars stands in my chart. Probably not in yours, either.

We’ll anchor in a bit of theory, then examine our own charts and those of some famous people in lively Q&A. All levels of experience welcome.

This series is available at any of four price-points: April 14 intro class only, $20; intro plus next four, $90 (5 sessions, through May 12) intro plus next five, $110 (6 sessions, through May 19) all eight classes, $140 (through June 2).

If your heart says says yes but the dates don’t work for you, sign up anyway. You’ll receive the visuals and recordings to review at your own pace.

Here’s the full schedule: April 14: Intro: The Lights and Planets, Where They’re Most At Home,

April 21: The Sun and Moon Through the Signs & Houses

April 28: The Personal Planets Through the Signs & Houses

May 5: The Social Planets Through the Signs & Houses

May 12: The Transpersonal Planets Through the Signs & Houses

May 19: Astrological Celebration and Spotlight Review

May 26: Explore the North and South Nodes of the Moon.

June 2: Who’s Chiron, and Is He Ever at Home?

To register, click here to email me with your name and phone number. We’ll chat and also arrange for payment. Resources impacted by our current economic crisis? Let me know when we chat.

TAURUS and the MATADOR Circle for Stars and Stories with Grandma Blue Swan: #2 of 12 TUESDAY, APRIL 27 at 7 pm Eastern time, on zoom

TAURUS MONTH will be well underway when we gather, open the circle, enjoy a guided meditation, then listen to this very special Taurus tale.
No charge, just bring your open heart and whatever beverage you’ll enjoy during the story part of our time together. After we close circle, we’ll leave refreshed, ready to live the rest of to the full. To get the zoom link, and to join my mailing list if you’re not already on board, RSVP with. your name and email address here.