2020 Calendar

Why do I call astrology the art and science of compassion? Study astrology with me and you’ll begin to understand, and begin to apply this compassion to your own life, and others’.

This spring’s small-group Astrology Apprenticeship Program is forming now.

To find out more, click here, or contact me by phone: 413-822-7681

Sacred Hearth School starts a new monthly series on May 6 in Monterey Massachusetts.

Kindle, nurture and bank the warmth of your inner hearth fires. The sun’s shining on the harbor to bless this new endeavor, so go ahead, dive in! The water’s fine and you’ll find yourself with a nice catch: self awareness, community, creativity and more clarity about your place in the world. Contact me for details. Click here, or call me at 413-822-7681.