2020 Calendar

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Sacred Hearth School started a new 6-session weekly series on May 20, on zoom.

In Sacred Hearth School, we kindle, nurture and bank the warmth of our inner hearth fires. Gifts that spring from participation in Sacred Hearth School include self awareness, community, shared spirituality and increased creativity.

Curious? Intrigued? Contact me for details about our summer or fall sessions. Click here, or call me at 413-822-7681.

Astrology Foundation Studies and Apprenticeship Program

I think of astrology as a symbolic language that generates understanding of your own behavior, and of others’ actions too. As I say on my emails, We all wear masks made of stardust. And the living light within us is still speaking. That living light expresses itself as our true nature: fierce compassion. Study astrology with me and you’ll begin to apply this compassion to your own life, and extend it others as well.

Opportunities for Astrological Foundation Studies and Astrology Apprenticeship are available now on zoom.

To find out more, or to organize a small astrology-group, click here, or contact me by phone: 413-822-7681