Calendar, June 30, 2023

June 2023

The Zodiac is a WHAT?

In his book by the same title, Brian Swimme describes the Universe as a green dragon. And late last winter I discovered that the zodiac is a green dragon, too. Her living presence is more unfathomable, weirder, and more alluring than most of us ever thought or imagined.

After more than 45 years in practice with the zodiac as my cohort, I had my first aha! moment with this aspect of her early this year. I leapt to share my insights with some of you, but the green dragon wasn’t finished with me yet. Actually, “finished with me” is an amusing term. She’s let me know how thoroughly life is never finished, and how subtle and profound the changes underway now truly are. As the chorus of an old song from Findhorn declares, Change can come in the twinkling of an eye… 

So I’ve partnered with shamanic practitioner Katharine Rossi to explore what all this change means for us, and for you. We plan to host a class in June to explore with you the insights we’ve gathered about what’s up on this planet we’re part of. After all, the zodiac belt surrounds us and permeates the very air we breathe, so we all experience the green dragon in every moment of our daily lives.

Our class will begin on June 20 at 7 pm Eastern time. Contact me here to hop on to my mailing list for more details closer to that time.