Welcome to The Jordan Center for Creative Insight

You may — or may not — already know that Ancestral Patterns Astrology unlocks energy that has been blocked for generations. And maybe you’re considering it because you’re just plain ready to be kind to yourself this way. Or maybe you’re staring into the face of profound change, and hope that at some point you’ll experience it as transformation. 

Either way, welcome to The Jordan Center for Creative Insight! The tools you’ll find here, the decades of experience I’ve acquired, and the training I’ve had are all here at your disposal.

As an astrologer, I translate the symbolic soul-language of your birth chart into useful English. Let a reading — astrology in action! — help you to embrace the lineage lines which brought you to life, and to enjoy the “you” that you are becoming.
Master Astrologer Mary Kate Jordan is also a Certified Hypnotist with training in Buddhist Studies and Shamanic Counseling, and creator of the Astro-Alchemy method of spiritual support. 
As a hypnotist, I use our shared English language to build on Ancestral Patterns Astrology in three ways: 1: to help you re-envision your past so that it becomes a firm foundation for your life here and now. 2: to help you to see, to touch, and to celebrate the successes you are already living. 3: to help you to sing a song of deeper peace and creative growth, now and in the future.

I participate in ongoing professional education, and in all my work, I subscribe to the National Guild of Hypnotists’ Professional Code of Ethics. As I do with all my clients, I will help you open the doors on which the fiercely compassionate Spirit of Joy is knocking. Wherever She is found in our work together, I will honor her. 

Give me a call today. 413-822-7681.