Ancestral Patterns Astrology: Backstory

This photo must have been taken by my Aunt Nora. Why do I think so? Her classic hallmark: the tops of most folks’ heads are missing!

Ancestral patterns began to play an important role in my personal life a few months after I got the results of my DNA test in 2017. I contacted close matches, discovered blood family and began surrendering my lifelong adoptee-fantasies about blood family in order to embrace the real people I found. All this while maintaining my lifelong relationships with my milk family. That’s the title given centuries ago in the British Isles to a baby’s nurture family, when they were different from blood family.

As an anchor for all this change in my life, I read Dr Daniel Foor’s book Ancestral Medicine and took his introductory online class in Ancestral Healing. One focus of his work profoundly changed my life and now has altered my work, too: the concept of Radiant Ancestors.

My own Radiant Ancestors are no longer simply a concept for me. They’re part of my lived experience and led me to the insights that are now the heart and soul of Ancestral Patterns Astrology. If you’re ready to explore what your chart says about your maternal and paternal lines’ unfinished business, strengths, limitations, talents, gifts and challenges, click here to contact me. Or just give me a call: 413-822-7681.