Your Ancestral Patterns Astrology Reading

DSCN2476Ancestral Patterns Astrology is my specialty. According to one of my clients, an Ancestral Patterns reading with me is “like seeing a rainbow. You know what a reading is and what you think you expect, but the clarity and beauty are always a surprise.”

I’ve come to believe we all have Radiant Ancestors who play a profound role in helping heal painful patterns that have become part of our lineage lines. A few years ago I experienced this healing in my personal life and realized, too, how fully my awareness of their presence helped me embrace the strengths and talents I’ve also inherited. I never expected this to have an impact on my professional life, but it did.

I began to see patterns in birth charts that point to gifts and challenges from the maternal and paternal lines, and how these Ancestral Patterns intersect to color the life of the person whose chart they inhabit. In fact, I couldn’t not-see them!  So I contacted clients, former clients, relatives and friends and asked if anyone would volunteer to have me to read their chart as part of a new research project. The consistent responses I received from the wonderful folks who said yes gave me added confidence in my new insights. I began to offer Ancestral Patterns Astrology to the public.

Now it’s available for you! 

How does this process work? We set up an appointment time, either in my office in western Massachusetts, or via a zoom conference call. With your birth chart in hand, I’ll translate your Ancestral Patterns, and other specific patterns from the time of your birth, into useful English so we can discuss them. We’ll explore current and near-future transits to your chart as well, to discover what this all means to you in the here and now. After all, here and now is where you’re living your life!

You have questions? Or you’re ready to book your reading? Give me a call at 413-822-7681. Or simply click here and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.    


“Mary Kate is very skillful and artistic in weaving tenderness and astuteness into her astrology and counseling work.” ~G.H., Seattle, WA