Once you’ve had your first appointment with me, you may want to explore  the personalized spiritual development series I call Astro-Alchemy.

Your Astro-Alchemy series will be designed specifically for you and anchored in the details of your current concerns and images related to your birth chart. The purpose of the work is to help you call forth more joy in the sacred art of living while you increase your own capacity for healing, caregiving and self-care. Continuity is kept through reference to your birth chart, but sessions make use of various services I offer, which include drumming for shamanic journey work; Tarot card spreads; past-life exploration and various client-based hypnosis modalities.

As one of  the healing arts, client-based hypnosis is language-based professional support to help you move in the direction you deeply want to go. Some of the hypnosis skills I use to achieve that goal include guided imagery, anchoring, Eriksonian techniques and re-framing self-talk. I’m a consulting hypnotist, and I conform to the National Guild of Hypnotists’s Code of Ethics. 

Let’s chat about your next steps to see what feels right to both of us. Click here and I’ll reply as soon as possible. Or give me a call: 413-822-7681.